Recent Hirings by Bodog Europe

In search of the best talents in the gambling industry, Bodog makes new hirings recently. With the overwhelming popularity of mobile gambling, a new Mobile Product Manager is hired by Bodog Europe. Bryan Hurwitz, the recent recruit at Bodog, Europe worked in the similar job profile in Mfuse. At Bodog, Hurwitz will be working with teams to create the mobile product of the next generation. He will also be responsible for the management of mobile product channel.

Another new recruit of the company is Conor Hickey. He joins Bodog in the position of Business Analyst. Conor worked with Sportingbet for 2 years before joining Bodog, Europe. He has a total work experience of 15 years in different industry sectors.  In a software development environment, Conor has a record of efficient project delivery.

CEO of Bodog Europe, Patrik Selin announced that the recent recruits fill in very important roles. These are the keys to strengthen the company.

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