Top Ranked Online Blackjack Sites

If you're looking to play one of the most popular and profitable games on the web then online blackjack is definitely the game for you. Before you dive straight into the action though you'll need to find the best place to play blackjack online and that's where we come in.

After thoroughly researching hundreds of the best online blackjack sites we've put together a complete listing of the premier places to play blackjack online. These sites have been ranked according to a number of factors including the generosity of their bonuses, customer support, game selection and more.

Best Online Blackjack Casinos

Overview of Blackjack Games

Casino blackjack, sometimes called 21, might just be the best known game in the world. The topic of countless books and movies it is one of the most popular casino games and with very good reason. The casino blackjack game offers everything a player could want from easy to understand rules, fast action and player friendly odds.

In fact, when played correctly blackjack offers the lowest house edge in the casino. The basic rules aren't hard to learn and playing internet blackjack games is interesting enough to keep you happily occupied for hours. The key though is to make sure you have a thorough grasp of the rules before you start playing because if you don't understand basic strategy then the house edge is considerably higher and you will lose money. It might be worthwhile to practice using a free blackjack game before you move to real money just so you can be sure you have a firm grasp on how to play online blackjack before jumping straight into the action.

Even the best online blackjack players will lose money if they get caught up in emotion instead of just staying calm and following the basic strategy. So, make sure you are calm and confident enough in your game to keep a cool head. While you may lose some hands if you play as close to optimal strategy you will make money.

Learn to Play Blackjack Online

So how do you play online blackjack games? To get started you'll first need to know how the points work. The ace can be counted as either 1 or 11 points and all of the face cards are worth ten. The numbered cards are worth the amount written on the card and you don't need to worry about the suits as they are irrelevant when playing.

Getting a blackjack (also known as a "natural") means that with your first two cards you have a pair which equals exactly 21. That means you'll have either a ten or a face card paired with an ace. If you later reach 21 this isn't a blackjack and earns a different payout than a natural.

There's quite a lot of room for variance in the way internet blackjack is played and can have slightly different rules from site to site. However, the basics remain the same as you'll always be playing with two cards and the dealer will also have two cards with one facing down and one facing up. The dealer will always stay at 17 and above, and they will hit until they have reached 17. So, it's wise to establish which cards you will hit on (take cards) and which amounts you are happy to stand.

All in all it's an easy game to learn so once you've had your fill of free online blackjack browse our listings to find the best online blackjack sites and start winning big.

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