Best Online Video Poker Sites

Online video poker is a fast paced and popular casino game but how can you find the best video poker sites? Leave it to us. We've tried countless video poker games in order to find the top casinos to recommend. Out casino listings feature only the best online video poker sites and have been thoroughly researched before receiving our recommendation. They were evaluated based on a number of factors including video poker game selection, generosity of bonuses, customer support and more.

Best Online Video Poker Casinos

Overview of Video Poker Machines

Traditionally video poker machines are quite similar to slot machines. Except rather than trying to match symbols you're trying to create the best possible 5 card poker hand. Obviously the better hand that you can make the more money you win. Unlike the regular poker tables though your only competing against the house as there are no other players to worry about which makes video poker games somewhat easier game to learn.

When playing a video poker game it's always a good idea to check out the paytables and see what kind of returns this particular video poker machine is offering on each hand. That way you know which cards are more valuable and which are more likely to come up in regular play.

All in all if you know how to play poker you'll have no trouble tackling video poker games as they work on more or less the same principles. The video poker machine is pretty self explanatory to use and the hands are always well labeled and explained on game.

Learn to Play Video Poker Online

The most important aspect to keep in mind as you play video poker is the hand ranking, which, if you are familiar with poker shouldn't be a problem. However, even if you aren't familiar with the various hand rankings it isn't a problem as they are clearly labeled in the game. Just to get you started though here are a few basics you'll need to know and a few things you might want to practice before you start to play video poker for real money.

As mentioned earlier unlike a live game of poker, internet video poker doesn't involve other players. You don't have to make the best hand but rather you are just looking to create a hand strong enough to get a good payout. On each video poker game there is a paychart which shows what each hand pays and obviously the rarer the hand the higher the payout. For instance, on a Jacks or Better game you have to have at least a pair of jacks to win but the payouts overall are much higher.

To start playing video poker online all you need to do is select the number of credit or points you want to play and then hit the deal button. If you want to bet the maximum amount, then select the "play max" option. You'll then receive your five cards and you can then click below each card to indicate if you want to hold it or trade it for a new one. Once you've decided on the cards you'd like to keep press the deal button again to get your replacement cards. If your new hand is higher than a pairs of 10s then you'll get the payout as indicated on the video poker machine paytable. The rules are more or less the same no matter which version of video poker you're playing.

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