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Whether you're looking to find a new and exciting site to play online bingo at or you just want to be able to easily browse through the top rated bingo bonus offers you've come to right place. We've sorted through thousands of online bingo game sites to bring you the very best in terms of game selection, bonus offers, customer support and more. So, rather than spend hours looking for the best places to play online bingo just browse our listings below and pick your favorites.

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Bingo Game Overview & Objective

While many may still associate bingo games with the elderly, charities or fundraisers the truth is that the world of online bingo is anything but bland. Internet bingo sites offer fast paced high stakes games with top notch graphics, animations and sound. Many also offer generous bonuses, mini games and friendly chat forums. Many different versions of the bingo game have developed and introduced as bingo has gone from game for retirees to a multimillion dollar part of the gaming industry but the basic concept remains the same.

Players must simply match the numbers drawn at random to the corresponding numbers on their cards until they form one of the winning patterns. Most online bingo sites rotate a number of different types of games and winning patterns but the most traditional ones are straight lines up, down or across or diagonally. There are also many internet bingo patterns offered and these can be simpler (squares, corners, etc.) and more complicated (smiley face, clover leaf, etc.).

How to Play Bingo Online

The traditional casino bingo game cards consist of 5 letters across the top - B, I, N, G, and O and five rows of five numbers minus the free square in the middle. This unnumbered space below the N can be used to make a bingo either across, up or diagonally though bingos can be made without using it. This format is known as 75 ball bingo and originates in the US.

In the UK, Australia, Europe and South America the 90 ball version bingo games are more popular. This version uses 3 lines and 9 columns. Each line contains 5 numbered spaces with numbers ranging from 1 to 90, the additional spaces are left blank and there are no free squares on the board. The online casino bingo sites offer different payouts depending on how many lines you fill. If you get all the numbers on your ticket this is known as a Full House and offers a substantial payout.

That's really all there is to it. If you haven't tried to play bingo online before it's easy enough to get started and new players are eligible for a variety of great bonus offers and deals at most of the major sites. So whether you want to start with free bingo games or play for real money there's plenty great sites to get started at.

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